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Last updated: Apr 17 18:03:03 2018

Most Frequently Asked

  • AVCHD HD Video playback problems (Camcorders)

    Please check that your computer complies with the system requirements for AVCHD playback. The minimum requirement is a 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo or an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core 5200+ Processor. Anything less than the recommended system requirements can result in a black screen or juddering playback when attempting to view the files on your computer. Please note that for HX, HG and 50P modes a Quad Core CPU is recomended.

  • The camera will not switch on.

    Possible Cause: The battery(s) is exhausted.
    Remedy: Fit new battery(s) if not rechargeable battery(s), or charge the rechargeable battery(s) and try again.

  • I am using Windows XP, my camcorder will not install using firewire. Are there any updates available?

    For Windows users who have installed Service Pack 1, knowledge base entry 810032 covers and issue titled " Panasonic DV Camera may not enumerate on Windows XP running SP1", users can download an update for this from Microsoft at;en-us;810032. If you have not upgraded to service pack1 you will need to do so before installing the above patch. If SP2 has been installed this fix is included in the service pack. If the camcorder will still not install you could try turning off the Windows Firewall as this can sometimes cause a problem. For any further help regarding this please contact Microsoft. We do not provide drivers for the Firewire connection as this is provided by Microsoft built into Windows.
  • How do I get my camera repaired?

    If you are experiencing a fault with your camera please use our Service Dealer Locator to find details of your nearest Panasonic authorised service centre.

    They will be happy to help and advise you what you need to do to get your camera repaired.

    For warranty repairs you will need to present the service centre with a copy of your reciept (warranty terms and conditions apply).

  • I cannot delete photos on my computer. It says the image is write protected.

    You are not able to delete using the PC. The cameras USB connection is read only. To delete Photos disconnect from the PC and use the delete all or format Option (Format being the quicker and easier). Another option is to use a third party SDHC USB card reader/writer.

    The same procedure would also apply for copying & pasting photos to your computer.

  • How can I update my DMC-LX5 camera?

    A Firmware update has been released to add the following features to the DMC-LX5 camera:-

    1. Auto Focus speed-up.
    2. [HIGH ISO NR] has been added to the [REC] menu.
    3. Improved auto white balance performance.
    4. [ACTIVE MODE] has been added to the [MOTION PICTURE] menu.
    5. The AF/AE Lock operated by half-pressing the shutter button has been improved.
    6. When [MF] is set, you can make fine adjustments to the focus using a simpler operation than before.
    7. The position and size of the AF area you have set are now stored.
    8. The upper limit of the shutter speed in Manual Exposure Mode has been raised. (Max 250 seconds approximately)
    9. MINIATURE EFFECT] has been added to My Colour Mode.
    10. [MONITOR] / [VIEWFINDER] has been added to the [SETUP] menu.

    You can download the update from our global site here.

  • How can I capture video from my Mini DV camcorder into a Windows 7 PC? Motion DV studio is not compatible.

    In order to capture (Download) your video footage to a Windows 7 PC, you will need to connect your camcorder to the PC using it's 'DV' Connection. The 'DV' connection on Panasonic camcorders is a IEEE 1394 connection, but is often refered to as a Firewire connection.

    Windows Live movie maker is a free application that you can download from the Microsoft website. When the camcorder is connected to the PC via firewire, you can use the Windows Live movie maker software to capture your footage into the PC.

    Your PC will need to have a IEEE1394 (Firewire) connection.

  • Parts of the subject are blurred while the rest are perfectly sharp.

    This could be caused by a narrow depth of field as a result of taking the picture with a wide aperture. Use a higher f stop number if there is sufficient light. Use a flash in low light situations. The parts of the subject may have moved causing motion blur. Keep the subject perfectly still where possible. Use a fast shutter speed if there is sufficient light. Use a flash when in low light situations.

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